My Forgotten God

After reading Alana Mokma‘s incredible blog post today, I was inspired to begin a blog of my own to share and catalog things God is teaching me. What better place and time to start than after two days set aside for Jesus and me time? During this long-overdue 48-hour period I read Francis Chan‘s Forgotten God, aimed at reversing the believer’s neglect of the Holy Spirit. There were more than a few hot-button issues…

I’m tired of being afraid. Most of us know very well the words found in Matthew 7:11, but how often do we refuse to ask big because deep down we fear that God will not come through? As if by not asking, we are “covering for God.” Where is the trust? How sad it must make Him to see his beloved holding back from relationship, from promises – things he obtained for us at great cost – out of fear that he’ll fail us! As if he ever could…

I need to learn what it is to be a daughter of God. This relationship is not master/servant or boss/employee. It’s papa/child. It is not fear-based. It is not performance-based. It is adoption. It is love. It is freeing, bond-breaking, sin-destroying, fruitful, joy-giving, process-minded, and relational. It’s easy to have a head knowledge of this without the heart knowledge, but that needs to change.

Sometimes I’d rather lead than be led by the Spirit. If we believers are honest, we’d have to say that the idea of being led by the Spirit can be terrifically frightening. What if he asks us to do something we don’t want to do? Will we follow? Or is it easier just to maintain our distance so we don’t wind up willfully disobedient?  Get willing to take risks, to live life outside that which is comfortable.

I want to know him and be known by him. Most of us, when given the choice, would prefer to have Jesus in the flesh with us than to have the Holy Spirit. After all, isn’t a person we can see, touch, and smell preferable? But Jesus thought otherwise; in fact, he said it was for our good that he go away, so that the Holy Spirit could come. Jesus walked beside the disciples; the Holy Spirit lives within. Be intentional to turn down the volume of life and practice stillness, waiting, and being, cultivating intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

Forget about God’s will for my life. Purpose to seek the Holy Spirit for guidance on today rather than allowing the search for guidance on the future to render us motionless. It’s safe to have never-ending conversations with God about his plan for our future months and years down the road. The “doing” is so far ahead of us that we can feel spiritual without the risk of actually taking action. Seek his direction on the now.

I’m humbled by the areas of weakness in me exposed by this book. But I’m terribly thankful for Francis Chan and his call to speak plainly and challenge complacency in the body of Christ. I kinda can’t wait to get started on these…


11 thoughts on “My Forgotten God

  1. Whoah, Amanda! this is SWEET. You hit directly on a few things I am dealing with as well! 1). I’m tired of being afraid too! I have been actively working toward undoing my anxiety and fears that I am always in danger. Also the fears of “What if I ask God for something and He doesn’t come through?”

    This also stood out to me: “I need to learn what it is to be a daughter of God. This relationship is not master/servant or boss/employee. It’s papa/child. It is not fear-based.” I was just talking with some fellow classmates Sunday night about my view of God. I view him as an accountant who is marking down each of the things I do wrong. If I do something wrong, He takes away something good He was going to give me. I do not know where this view came from, but I am actively working to un-do this worldview.

    I can’t wait to see more of your postings!

  2. Hey Amanda-
    What a killer first blog post! Forget about God’s will for my life. That seems counter intuitive to everything I remember being taught growing up. I have to figure out Gods will for my life so I know what to do! That has left me, for the most part, motionless.

    I have finally started to do something that allows me to share my voice (my blog). I have no idea where it is going to lead, but I hope by finally putting myself out there and following my passions I will continue to morph into what God has always intended me to be.

  3. I finally found some time to read your posts. Very insightful! I used to struggle with fear and lack of faith but over the past few years I’ve also come to discover this relationship you are talking about. It just took a while to go from head to heart. I love Proverbs 20:24 now, it has a deeper meaning although the message is painfully simple: “The Lord directs our steps so why try to understand everything along the way.” It’s sometimes the analyzing, deciphering, and trying to put meaning to every nuance of a situation that leads to trouble. Who am I that I know so much? Why do I even have know? He will lead me beside the still waters and restore my soul.

    Good stuff.

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  5. Reblogged this on girl in process and commented:

    On my one-year blogging anniversary, I thought it would be fun to look back at where I began. Re-reading my first post today brought me such joy as I could see marked progress in my journey, a closer and more vibrant relationship with Daddy, and tons of exciting new plot points in the life story that I add to every single day. He is so good! Thank you for walking alongside me on this adventure. I hope you’ll continue with me on the quest for more!

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