Coming Down from the Mountains

It’s been a couple of days since my return from the mountains of Colorado and I figure you might be wondering how it all went. Were my high expectations met or did that branch I put myself out on snap and send me on a painful and rapid encounter with the ground below?

Let me assure you, expectations were MORE than met.

There is way too much to share here and lots of it is so intense and personal, I need to guard it. But there are a few things I came away with that I’d like to share with you.

God loves to tell his kids how he feels about us. All we need to do is ask, then make the time and space for us to hear him. If you’ve never done this (or if it’s been a while), I highly recommend it. He can speak through his word, through others, through a song…and the secrets he whispers in your ear are way better than the junk the world puts there. They’re based on his love for you, the way he made you, the things he gave you that are uniquely yours…and the best part? There’s no comparison to others. If we really trust God, we will believe what he says about us. Anything less is, at its root, distrust and disbelief and hurts the heart of God. Incidentally…he delights in me. Like, a LOT.

Playing it small serves no one. Go big or go home. God gave me big hair. He gave me a big voice. He made me tall. If those things make me stand out in a crowd, so be it! He created me this way purposefully…who am I to try and diminish what he made? I’m gonna own it, so look out!

There is value in creativity. Being a “list person” and an overachiever, I have the tendency to calculate my value based on what I accomplish or produce. I’ve also struggled with feeling like the creative pursuits that I am blessed to spend my time on – be it worshiping through music, writing scripts, directing theatrical productions, painting, or something else – are inferior to more “cerebral” jobs. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists…those are “real” jobs. This creative stuff is a waste of the brains God gave me. Gosh, it sounds silly writing it out, but I’ve honestly felt that way! Actually, creativity is super godly…God is the Creator! We’re made in his image, so we get to create too. And since the devil’s gig is destruction, by creating we are performing an act of spiritual warfare. Woah! Anybody else find this as mind-blowing as I did?

Small things can make a big difference. There were so many little, seemingly insignificant things people did for me on that trip that were intensely meaningful. A sincere compliment, a touch, eye contact, a few moments of uninterrupted one-on-one conversation…nothing that takes a ridiculous amount of time or effort, but delivered at the right time and in the right way, it made a huge impact. I’m determined to listen a little closer to the Holy Spirit and be quick to obey so he can use me to deliver some “small things.”

And that’s the short list. Those of you in choir at Mount Hope can look forward to my best replication of Adam’s talk on worship and its function in the three heavens. As for the rest of it, though I haven’t written it out here and may not share it, hopefully it will be reflected in my words and my behavior. Just know that God met me on every expectation I laid out and even on some I hadn’t.

He is so good. In fact, he’s better than you think he is.



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