Things My Mom Taught Me

Today marks the completion of Mom’s first year in heaven. Since there’s no time there, I imagine it only feels like a few moments to her. Whenever I sing 192869_10150436068750705_225930_oRevelation Song,” I imagine her in heaven singing too, only she’s with the angels and the elders and those crazy-looking creatures in Revelation, right at the foot of His throne. For me, the year’s been marked by firsts…Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, her birthday, Christmas…each without her and each colored with varying emotions. For today’s first, I wanted to honor my mom by sharing with you three of the most important things she taught me.

Physical touch is powerful. My brother and I had lots of cuddle time with Mom. When we were quite small, we’d pile into my parents’ bed for a snuggle after my dad went to work, playing made-up games and singing silly songs (admittedly, “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms/ice cream/pizza/light bulbs” probably wasn’t the best song selection…and why did my brother always eventually land on light bulbs?!). Whenever I had trouble sleeping, Mom would sit at my bedside and “soft” my face (which was really just our kid-word for “caress”) until I was out. When I got older, she and I would trade back rubs while watching TV. Now, even as an adult, there are few things that make me feel safer, happier, or more content than the touch of a loved one…and I recognize my capacity to bestow those same feelings on others with the simplest of touches.

Stay humble. I became interested in music when I was very young. Before I was old enough to sing in the children’s choir at church, I started taking piano lessons. Mom would listen to me practice and playfully shout “clunker!” from the next room when I made a mistake. Once I reached the right age, I also joined my friends in choir. As I began to grow and develop in my gifts, opportunities to exercise them publicly began to crop up. She was careful to remind me it was God who gave me every ability I had…because He wanted to, not because I’d done anything to earn them. I firmly believe it was her influence that kept me from becoming a prima donna and instilled in me thankfulness and wonder that God would entrust me with beautiful things.

God comes first. Mom was the one who brought me to church at an early age. She and I would put on our Sunday best and leave the house each week, rain or shine, to worship. I usually preferred sitting in the adult service with her over going to children’s church, although it was children’s church where I invited Jesus into my heart. When I was very young, Sundays were long because Mom sang in the choir – three morning services with a rehearsal squeezed in! I remember drawing on offering envelopes to pass the time while they practiced. The seeds she planted and the environment she immersed me in kept me in church throughout my life and even though my relationship with the Lord has had its ups and downs, I’ve never abandoned Him. I’m thankful that while I can’t see her now, I know Mom’s cheering me on and one day I’ll get to see her again.

I miss her. I love her. I remember.

Now it’s your turn. What are the most important things you learned from your mom?


9 thoughts on “Things My Mom Taught Me

  1. Things my Mom taught me: don’t be impatient with life..things have a way of coming at the right time..God has big shoulders run to Him..He God never is priceless..don’t waste your time together..get to know them even if you THINK you know everything about them..there’s always more to learn..smell roses and think of how fragrant Heaven must be..since the Rose of Sharon,El’Shaddi lives there….Animals are God’s way of loving us so innocently..remember each other Birthdays..they are important..I may not always be here for you..but when I die..remember..I’m walking with my best friend..and we will save a place at THE table for you..we are forever friends .”.I will get the mansion set just how you like it..I know cus I’m your Mom.”…”.Nite Bess..don’t forget your u”

  2. 1. People are important – She made me understand through her actions that people come before anything else we fill our time with.

    2. Love is important – She showed me through her words that no matter what I could screw up or mistakenly choose, she would always love me.

    3. Identity is important – She showed me through never letting people define her that we choose our identity and how we see ourselves. No person on earth has the right to define our worth or direction in life.

    • Oh wow. Love these lessons…especially the last one. I think that’s something folks spend their whole lives trying to figure out and don’t always manage to. Excellent that your mom modeled that for you early in your life!

  3. Hi Amanda,
    My Mom left a legacy of love and acceptance. She made people feel comfortable and accepted wherever they were at in life. She would encourage communication and speak her mind, but, also she would listen to your heart and offer advice as well.

    She loved to bring people together to celebrate events and would work hard to make them memorable and special. If things got too hard or serious, she would somehow initiate laughter.

    She began her relationship with Christ later in life, asking Jesus into her heart on Mother’s Day in 1986 at the church where my young family worshipped. My oldest sister was there too, to witness her move from earth to heaven on earth. It was a day radiant with JOY!! Thank you, Jesus!!

    With Christ, she would acknowledge how blessed and how grateful she was for the love in her life. It was a miracle to watch her transform her thinking from self motivation to giving God praise for all He had allowed.

    I was blessed to be by her side when her spirit left her body. She was going up and she brushed me with kind of a tickle as she ascended. Even now, I know that she is for me, her love is timeless and she is cheering me on to reign abundantly in Christ Jesus…..especially after she met Him face to face. Praise God!!

    I pray that I have learned these lessons from her life:
    Love and accept people right where they are.
    Follow God’s lead in sharing truth to encourage and bless others.
    Listening and hearing others is so important.

    Thank you Amanda for creating this opportunity to share my thoughts.
    Hugs from, Barbara Betzing

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