On My 33rd Birthday

photo-1448131063153-f1e240f98a72Recently I heard that we human beings think the equivalent of over sixty books each day. Sixty! And that’s all while we’re going about our lives…working, driving, parenting, studying…beneath it all our minds are still firing off thoughts. Humans are an amazing creation!

Seeing as how my brain is practically writing sixty novels per day, I thought on this particular day I’d try and capture 33 of those thoughts – one for each year of my life.

  1. Having a birthday while maintaining an active Facebook profile sure does afford one the opportunity to feel overwhelmed by affection.
  2. On this day last year, I was in England having a home-cooked breakfast with the Lewis family, visiting all sorts of small villages, enjoying picnics and ice cream cones with chocolate flakes, and watching school kids who looked like they stepped out of a Harry Potter novel. Although it wasn’t originally planned as such, it was a very welcome distraction from a potentially tough first. I remain very grateful to Mel and her family.
  3. It’s a little bit weird to think that from here on out, each birthday I have means I’ve been on earth for longer than Jesus was.
  4. Which reminds me, I’d like to go to Israel one day.
  5. Since starting this blog, my love for writing is re-ignited. I wonder how I could incorporate it into my life more. A book, perhaps? I’m halfway throwing that out there to motivate myself to actually follow through on that idea. If writing something down solidifies resolve, publishing it to the world on the interwebs should really push me, huh?
  6. How do people who are lactose intolerant survive without ice cream and chocolate?
  7. I’m still excited about resurrecting Jesus properly at last night’s Your Story tech rehearsal. This particular effect is unlike anything tried in the 20+ Easter productions I’ve been directly involved in. I kinda can’t wait for people to see it.
  8. It’s way easier for me to wake up early on days when it’s warm outside. I need to figure out how to kick hibernation mode in the teeth.
  9. Especially because I’m a runner now and I want to be outside! Ha! My 23-year-old self would never have believed it possible.
  10. I miss Mom.
  11. This year I feel like I’m finally surrounded with people who make me a better version of myself and that is pretty great.
  12. Sensory memory is so cool. Sounds, smells…they can immediately take us somewhere else. Shoot, there are certain photos I can look at that immediately land me in a happy place.
  13. It’s interesting that this year I started putting photos of people up in my house and office. That’s new. I’ll need to explore the meaning and motivation behind that pretty soon.
  14. Technology is often wonderful; it allows for us to keep in touch with people in spite of great distance. It is, however, no substitute for sitting in a coffee shop and just catching up. Proximity matters.
  15. I’m a firm believer that we choose whether our lives are happy. If we fail to make that choice, circumstances will make it for us…and rarely will circumstances choose the way we’d like.
  16. That said, I am determined to guard, maintain, feed, support, and fight for a joy-filled life. If death and life are set before me (and scripture tells me they are), I choose life!
  17. Nobody wants to be around a joyless person except other joyless people.
  18. Being surrounded by encouraging people is so cool, but it’s important not to let myself get too comfortable exposing my vulnerable moments. Choosing the wrong person to share those things with does not result in fun.
  19. Speaking of too comfortable, my cat hasn’t attempted an escape from my house in months and months. Makes me wonder if she’s given up or if she in fact has a long-term plan that involves lulling me into complacency.
  20. I want a return visit to NYC…for lots of reasons, but specifically because Jacob and Dawn are doing cool things there and have an adorable new baby I want to meet. As if I haven’t met enough new babies recently… 😉
  21. These last few weeks, my refrigerator finally stopped looking like it belongs to a single man…and then tech week arrived and it’s back to being mostly empty except for condiments.
  22. Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration; but if you don’t master it, it will master you.
  23. Also, I’m determined not to be a person who pins a bunch of stuff and never does anything with it.
  24. There is a huge difference between worshiping a God you know and worshiping one you’ve heard of. Take time to know him.
  25. Last night at rehearsal, I watched Josh Mead…not quite five years old yet…dancing like crazy in the children’s scene. He has such abandon. I wish adults did not surrender that freedom. There was no pretense in what he was doing, he wasn’t showing off, he wasn’t trying to get attention, and he wasn’t doing it for anyone in particular. He was with Jesus and was having fun. That moment preached a whole sermon.
  26. That said, I want to dance more.
  27. I’m still praying for God to take care of my house…and by take care of, I mean sell. If you’re trying to sell yours too, let me know and I’ll pray for you. And you pray for me. And if you want to buy a condo on the west side of Lansing, hit me up…I’m within walking distance of Horrock’s, which is pretty sweet.
  28. I’m excited that the calluses returned on my left hand, thanks largely to Rebeltown morning worship time. File that under “Things Only a Guitar Player Would Say.”
  29. The other day, a woman saw me wearing my Hairspray t-shirt asked me if I was in the East Lansing High School production that recently went up. I know I look young for my age, but high school? C’mon.
  30. I’m so glad Mary Beth got me wearing dresses. Look nice AND feel like I’m wearing a nightgown? Heck yes. All women should discover this truth.
  31. Word I enjoy: wonky. Word I dislike: epic.
  32. Sunshine is cheery, even when the weather’s not as warm as it implies.
  33. Life is beautiful. I’m thankful for each moment. Happy birthday to me!

6 thoughts on “On My 33rd Birthday

  1. Amanda,
    I absolutely loved and enjoyed this post. By all means, keep writing, you’re great at it. I use to pray for thi ability. Well…dint happen. Lol. it sounds like you had a great birthday…good, I’m glad. And lastly, thank you, for sharing “you” with me (well all of us really), but your blogs have given me reasons to pause, think, remember the good, move forward and smile. Thank you!

    Man, we have come a LONG way from BTI classes, haven’t we? 🙂

    • Angel…thanks for taking the time to let me know how the blog is affecting you…I’m so glad that it’s making a positive impact on your life. Heck yes, we certain have come a long way since bible school!

    • I know, right?! There’s a bakery here in Lansing that makes the most ridiculous cupcakes. I actually made myself sick finishing that particularly large one in a single setting…

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