It’s That Thing of When…

StefonSo I had a verbugleak last night. What’s a verbugleak, you may ask? It’s that thing of where you wrap up a conversation and immediately want to revisit it because you realize you said something wrong. Not just any sort of wrong, but the sort where insecurity, jealousy, fear, or whatever other ugly feature you’re battling against that day ruled your mouth and now you’ve got a mess to clean up. That verbugleak wasn’t at all what you meant or how you really feel, but in the moment you were leaking and though you tried your best to hide it, to use your words to make it look prettier than it is, you know you failed.

You know what I mean, right?

The very moment I hung up the phone last night I knew it. Stupid verbugleak! I immediately reconnected and admitted it to the person who was the unfortunate recipient of my verbugleak. He was so gracious…not only accepting my apology, but reaffirming me in the weak areas the verbugleak revealed. Thinking about it this morning I was struck by such thankfulness that not only does Daddy God gently whisper in my ear to point out these missteps so I can fix them, he placed such outstanding people in my life that a verbugleak doesn’t have to be irreparable but can actually usher in some mending.

Sing to the Lord; talk about how he saved you…share the story every day. Tell everyone of his glory and the amazing things he’s done. God is great! He is worthy! He is to be respected and honored above all else. Lord, you made the heavens! Majesty, strength, and joy are where you live…where you rest. The world must – and will – credit you with glory and strength, bringing you gifts as we approach your throne. You establish the whole world; you keep and maintain it by your strength and will…all of us know it! Every heavenly realm rejoices and is glad. With a loud voice we all shout at the top of our lungs: The Lord reigns! The waters echo it back…the fields join in, holding nothing back! Even the trees sing…every living thing clamors to join the joyful choir singing for our King, the Just One. I thank you, Lord. You are always good. Your love never quits. (1 Chronicles 16:23-34, paraphrased)

This morning, I am overwhelmed by the goodness of God and I have to tell the story! Just like the song I’ve had on repeat most of the morning says: he is good when I am not, he is light in the dark, he is peace in crippling fear, he gives me reason to sing…and if all creation is gonna proclaim it, I’m joining in!

Take that, verbugleak.


5 thoughts on “It’s That Thing of When…

  1. And you are the strong woman of God to hear his whisper and immediaty fix it! I have been guilding of hearing the whisper and choosing not to listen because I was too weak to ask for forgiveness. As always you are an inspiration!

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