Change, Bravery, and Fearlessness

How can you tell that something is alive?

You can’t measure by the ability to reason; animals are alive and while they may appear pretty smart, the fact that my cat continues to re-injure her paw lately rather than leaving her self-inflicted wound to heal indicates animals are not totally rational thinkers. It’s not just breath or heartbeat; you won’t find a pulse on a plant but they are certainly alive. My theory? When it comes down to it, I think life is measured by change…hopefully change for the better.

The past three weeks were just insane. I had so many wonderful opportunities packed into the span of about ten days – presenting at the Pulsar Awards, speaking in a Wednesday night service at the Hope, performing at the Barney Awards, and teaching at Church Leadership School. I also got to lead worship a few times in there. Each opportunity required varying degrees of preparation and focus. It was one of those periods that required me to take things one day at a time to avoid being completely overwhelmed. This week as I finally had time to reflect on it all, I was so excited to notice changes in myself…I wasn’t nervous speaking in front of people…teaching 80% on the “why” and only 20% on the “how” instead of the other way around…not allowing the stress of it to affect my attitude or my joy…it’s amazing!

All living things change. The only options are growth or decline. That’s what’s so exciting about how my world’s been shaken up this year. Gone are the days of being unable to articulate what the Father’s shown me recently. I’m through carrying guilt about not spending time with God and then feeling like it’s a chore when I finally do. It’s growth followed by more growth! And it’s not because I’m sitting quietly with my Bible and “being holy” in the wee small hours of the morning more often. It’s because I sought change in my relationship with Daddy, which now involves singing and dancing and guitar playing and painting and chatting and drawing and listening and reading and learning and being honest and discovering myself and trying new things…all with Him!

Yes, making (or facing) change demands bravery, but it doesn’t have to be scary. It can be exciting! So step into that great unknown and see how it transforms your life!

In loosely (or perhaps not-at-all) related news, Chad and I saw Brave last night. Is this chick’s hair rad or what?


4 thoughts on “Change, Bravery, and Fearlessness

  1. Amanda, I needed to read this. I am STILL fighting the voice that I need to constantly be producing. It was so refreshing to hear that you are changing and experiencing God in VARIOUS different activities in your life! Singing, dancing, painting, chatting…

    I’m shaking my head right now because I believe that God wants me to know that my value does not increase by how much time I spend with him or how often I do (or don’t) go to church, or even how many people I can bless. This is again, a reminder to me to chill out and be okay with enjoying my life. 🙂

    • Yes, yes, and another yes! Spending time with God and going to church and producing stuff and working hard…all really great things! But none of them increase your value because you are already worth SO MUCH to the Father! Getting that from head knowledge to heart knowledge is a tall order, but it’s definitely possible!

      Do you have any ideas or plans or thoughts on how you might experience God in new and fresh ways in your life, your context?

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