On My One-Year Anniversary

On my one-year blogging anniversary, I thought it would be fun to look back at where I began. Re-reading my first post today brought me such joy as I could see marked progress in my journey, a closer and more vibrant relationship with Daddy, and tons of exciting new plot points in the life story that I add to every single day. He is so good! Thank you for walking alongside me on this adventure. I hope you’ll continue with me on the quest for more!

girl in process

After reading Alana Mokma‘s incredible blog post today, I was inspired to begin a blog of my own to share and catalog things God is teaching me. What better place and time to start than after two days set aside for Jesus and me time? During this long-overdue 48-hour period I read Francis Chan‘s Forgotten God, aimed at reversing the believer’s neglect of the Holy Spirit. There were more than a few hot-button issues…

I’m tired of being afraid. Most of us know very well the words found in Matthew 7:11, but how often do we refuse to ask big because deep down we fear that God will not come through? As if by not asking, we are “covering for God.” Where is the trust? How sad it must make Him to see his beloved holding back from relationship, from promises – things he obtained for…

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