Beyond Happily Ever After

photo by Benjamin David Photography

I used to think my story was pretty boring. Raised in a loving, two-parent home with a mom who took me to church every week, my circumstances didn’t give God a whole lot to work with. My life was okay no matter the condition of my relationship with him. It seemed anticlimactic when compared with other people’s stories of miraculous rescue and life-altering salvation.

Then I got what I thought I wanted – the “spice” in my up-to-that-point bland story. It involved lies, betrayal, and sex…practically the trifecta of attention-grabbing conflict. Let me assure you, I gained new appreciation for my previously dull biography.

In the years that followed, no matter what forward movement I experienced, no matter the healing, rebuilding, and mending God walked me through, I felt like the restoration was incomplete. I wanted that missing piece. At times it felt like ungratefulness for all that he’d done for me, given to me, and walked me through. I waited (using “patiently” here would be questionable at best) for my happily ever after. Not too long ago, God introduced me to the love of my life. Now, 18 days away from our wedding and on the cusp of happily ever after, you’d think I could say that I am now restored. Instead, I realize that even marriage is not the completion of my restoration story.

My restoration story is a masterpiece that will continue to be developed by my heavenly Father until the day I take my final breath.

God has so much more available, even after happily ever after. Living in a state of expectancy is not the equivalent of ungratefulness. Today I was reminded to never limit my expectations when it comes to the redemptive power and generous love of Daddy God. He has redeemed me from sin, absolutely, but for the rest of my life he’ll be restoring things that were meant to be mine from the beginning, things that were part of his plan for me, whether I wrongly surrendered them or they were stolen from me. He is making me complete, renovating me, and polishing the worn places until I shine. And just when you think I can’t get any sparklier…bam! He’ll surprise us both.

So here’s to happily ever after…and the amazingness that comes on the other side.


5 thoughts on “Beyond Happily Ever After

  1. YES!!! My sister, Dani Chambers, referred me to your post and it totally scratched me where I itch. Thanks for reminding me of the more. Holy hunger. YES.

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