Find Your Partner

I got married last month. About that:

Go ahead with your wise and clever self, Liz Lemon.

There are lots of things about marriage that are pretty awesome, but the thing Chad and I keep coming back to is the fact that we aren’t having to do it all alone anymore. We have each other. We have a partner. And while one person can accomplish great things, two people have the potential for even more.

I spent a lot of my adult life so far trying to be very independent and self-sufficient. I carried my own groceries into the house (in one trip), opened doors for myself…I even re-arranged furniture on my own. Well, except for that ridiculously enormous curio cabinet that I now can’t seem to sell on Craigslist. Asking for help was always a last resort; a final option when all others failed. A lot got done in that season, but it wasn’t especially enjoyable doing things that way. I can’t help but think with a partner here or there I could have accomplished more…and liked it!

So now Chad takes out the trash and I pack his lunches. He does the dishes after I make dinner. He fills my gas tank and I do the laundry. It’s wonderful being able to serve one another and we’ve both unloaded some tasks we dislike. As we move forward, we’re dreaming about bigger projects to tackle together; songs to write, ministries to create, and a future to build.

There’s something unique about partnership; between a husband and wife, siblings, business partners, or friends. It sparks creativity and production like few things can.

Wilbur and Orville Wright? Flight. Pierre and Marie Curie? Radium. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak? Apple. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield? Ice cream. These outstanding partnerships produced breakthroughs that affect our daily lives. What will Chad and Amanda DeKatch be known for one day? God knows for sure, even if we only have a twinkling of an idea. I do know that I’m excited to find out…and that I’ll certainly enjoy the journey.

all photos courtesy of Benjamin David Photography

all photos courtesy of Benjamin David Photography

So in 2013, I encourage you seek out one or two key partnerships. See what greatness you two can produce – and fun you can have – together.


5 thoughts on “Find Your Partner

  1. Oooh, I can’t wait for a couple things! 1). To hear a song you and Chad write together 2). To see what other amazing things you do as a couple. Josh and I are just beginning to see our “purpose” as a couple. I think one of those things is being vulnerable and through sharing our personal stories, showing others that they are not alone in their journey. We also get pumped up and excited when we can give others hope and inspiration to live out the lives they were created to live.

    great post!

    oh, and ps. I love that he gets the oil changed in the cars, mows the lawn and scrubs the shower. 🙂

    • We actually wrote and recorded a song together for our wedding favors! So a tiny number of those exist out there in the world. 😉 What a great purpose you two have as a couple – vulnerability is something that’s greatly needed, I think. 🙂

      Ooh, Josh scrubs the shower? I should see if I can negotiate that one!

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