Acceleration, Baby!

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courtesy Benjamin David Photography

You may have heard a little news recently…something about a bun and an oven?

I’m finding that no matter what kind of crazy idea I toss into the air, Chad has a way of snatching it up and making it happen. Such was the case with these announcement pictures. With the help and wonderful photography talents of our friend Ben, we invaded someone else’s kitchen (thanks, Amy!) and captured the photos that would announce the existence of our (eventual) firstborn.

You may be thinking, “Didn’t they just get married in December?” Yes, we did. “And weren’t they only engaged for, like, four months?” Yes, we were. It’s pretty clear that we’re in a season of acceleration. But it’s not the scary sort of fast. It’s the “Of course…!” kind of, expected surprise sort of fast.

“And I will restore or replace for you the years that the locust has eaten…” -Joel 2:25

I’ll be honest. I made some pretty bad decisions over the years…choices that most certainly derailed and delayed my life. Mercifully in this wonderful season, God’s sitting back, all “I got this,” and just putting me on fast forward, replacing or restoring everything I’d lost, even down to dreams I’d given up on. He is good.

And so, in honor of this latest accelerating development, I give you:

The Top Five FAQ of Sprout (and Sprout-Related Things)

  1. What is your due date? Sprout is due September 12.
  2. How are you feeling? I feel great; I’ve been blessed with very bearable pregnancy symptoms. Shoot, with the exception of a borderline out-of-control crying session as Anne Hathaway sang “I Dreamed A Dream” in Les Mis, even my emotions have been close to normal.
  3. Boy or girl? Will you share that info? We don’t yet know whether Sprout is a boy or a girl, but we do plan to find out. Yes, we will share that info when we can.
  4. Do you have names? Will you share them? We do have both boy and girl names worked out. Yes, we will share that info as well…when Sprout is born. 😉 Until then, Sprout will remain Sprout.
  5. Aw, really?! Can’t you just tell me??!!!?! Patience is a virtue, so by withholding this information, we’re helping to make you more virtuous. You’re welcome.

…but seriously, thanks for sharing in our joy.


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