I don’t blog here much anymore. I’m too busy keeping up Phin’s private blog, documenting all the fun happenings of his young life. Besides, sometimes my deepest contemplations these days involve poop. Or the little one’s drive to dive head first off of beds and couches. Or how, when my son is the one with the runny nose, I am the one covered in snot.

You don’t want to hear that stuff.

Today is Phin’s first birthday which of course means I’m all nostalgic. This morning I pulled up the pregnancy journal I kept where I wrote notes to him while he was “baking” and recorded his birth story. That was a tough couple of days’ labor working to get him here. Shoot, it was a tough week when we had to leave him in the NICU and then I wound up with a spinal headache and couldn’t hold myself upright unmedicated. Despite all that, we made it, thanks in no small part to the grace of God and the amazing team of people who surround us. We have a cheerful, friendly, healthy son who spreads joy everywhere he goes. Sweet Phineas is one year old. He’s not the only one celebrating a birthday, though.

I saw this video a couple of days ago. Buckets. Buckets of tears.

Today is also my first mama birthday. It’s Chad’s first daddy birthday. We’ve made it a whole year as parents. Like most rewarding things, it took a serious investment. My husband the social butterfly has scaled back his friend hang-out times in order to put our family first. He spends time with Phin daily – our son knows and adores his dad. Chad takes him grocery shopping or on a jog to give this introvert a few minutes of alone time. He comes home from work and is still happy to wipe up a floor that I didn’t get to because the little guy wouldn’t let me put him down. I recognize those sacrifices. They are just some of what makes Chad a phenomenal husband and father.

I know that no matter what our first child wound up being like, I would be crazy in love. But I feel like we really hit the jackpot with Phin. His sweet spirit, bright smile, and joyful personality made this first challenging year still so very wonderful. I am extremely happy it was Phin who made me a mama.

Happy birthday, Sprout – the first of many happy ones. And happy daddy birthday, Chad. I’m so glad I get to do this parent thing with you.


2 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Whoah. Tears is right. It is amazing how imagery, emotions and music can cross the barrier of communication. That video was beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    I love how you are recognizing this as a milestone for you and Chad as well! Growing and learning together through Year One is a huge deal. Until I read your post, the thought never crossed my mind to celebrate the parents who also made it to this milestone. Congratulations Chad, Amanda and Phin! I hope for many more blessed years for you together.

    • Thank you! I never thought of it being a milestone for Chad and I either…until I saw that video. I’m so excited for you and Josh, Alana! Can’t wait until your little one is finally here!

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