Sunset, Sunrise

img_3668You made the moon to mark the seasons, and the sun knows when to set. -Psalm 104:19

Over a year and a half ago, I crafted a blog entry announcing our move to Florida. In that post, I wrote that it wasn’t a goodbye to Michigan, but merely a “See you later.” My Michigan friends, later is now.

We have been here in Florida since July of 2015 and in that time experienced some wonderful moments, from good times spent with the people of Lift Church to the birth of our precious youngest son, Solomon. Some things last for a lifetime and others last for a season. As the Psalmist wrote, the sun knows when to set, and the sun is setting on our time in Florida.

Today, while I lead worship at Mount Hope Church in Lansing, knee-deep in tech week for Mount Hope Church (Grand Blanc)’s production of Scrooge, Chad announced to the Lift Church congregation that we would be leaving. The major projects he’s working on all wrap up at year’s end, so our last Sunday will be January 8, 2017. That week, as Solly turns one year old, our family will move home to Michigan where Chad will begin a long-term subbing position at Okemos High School. He plans to return to teaching full time in the fall. He misses his students, co-workers, and the Okemos community quite a bit.

God has used this year and a half to refine, refocus, and reprioritize. We are journaling what He’s spoken so we can keep it before us as we return to life in our home state. To those at Lift who took us in and treated us as family: thank you. We pray the Lord blesses you as you have blessed us. To those in Michigan who’ve missed us: see you very soon!

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