About Amanda

Hi, I’m Amanda. People usually describe themselves initially by the things they do, so I’ll start there. I am a wife and mother, a worship leader, a singer, a pianist, an acoustic guitar player, an actress, a scriptwriter, a songwriter, a choir director, and an occasional voice coach. I drink chai and coffee (not at the same time), have a debilitating weakness for froyo, and make my own granola. Apple products, Zoya nail polish, and sushi are a few of my favorite things. I enjoy hugs, working movie quotes and song pieces into everyday conversation, inside jokes, making up new words, and laughing until I can’t breathe and my insides ache.

I am a person who is in process. I love Jesus and want to be more like him every day, but I recognize that I’ve got a long way to go. As I walk that path, I thought it might be useful to record what I learn, even if only for myself. If someone else can take something from it as well, then wonderful.

Let’s begin.


4 thoughts on “About Amanda

  1. Hi Amanda,
    I came to see your blog through a comment you posted on Rob Urie’s FB page. I have met you during 2011 Leadership School at big Mount Hope. My husband and I are blessed to be worshipping at Portland Mount Hope since 2006.
    God bless you for sharing your journey on this blog. Sincerely, Barbara

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