Home Sweet Home

img_5118It’s 16 degrees outside. I’m sitting in the Honda in a Biggby parking lot using their internet because we don’t yet have wifi at home. The baby is asleep in his car seat and the oldest is happily watching Finding Nemo. Hey…gotta seize the moments whenever and wherever you can!

We’ve been back in the Mitten now for four weeks and it has not gone as we’d expected. I could go into a lot of detail but instead I’m gonna just hit the highlights. Four hours before the moving truck arrived from Florida, our plans for where we would live for the next seven months or so fell through. It involved a dog and a lot of hives on Phineas. Plenty of people pitched in, helping us return the moving truck, store our things, putting us up, and generally being selfless, but we were solidly nomads for a couple of weeks and candidly, not in a place financially to really do anything about it. But then…community.

One of the big reasons we returned to Michigan was our people. Having lived here pretty much forever, we had relationships deep and wide. We were in crisis. Unbeknownst to us, our friends stepped up and in the span of just a couple of days they located an apartment for us and gathered funds together to cover our security deposit as well as rent for the next seven months.

Guys. My eyes flooded with tears when I was surprised with this news. I was such a mess Chad assumed something horrible had happened, but it wasn’t too long before he was ugly crying right alongside me. So here we are, not squatting in somebody else’s house but with our own space, right where we’d hoped to land. God’s plan is so. much. better.

This is why we are designed and intended to live in community. We are supposed to take care of one another. We are supposed to love one another. This life is not meant to be lived in utter independence and isolation. So now we sit in our cute little apartment just soaking in the physical manifestation of the love our community has for us. It’s almost overwhelming and it’s a feeling I’d like to hold onto forever.


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